Fall 2019/Winter/Spring 2020 Edition

We bring you the stories of creators new and old, whose reverberations are ceaseless. Judy Tuwaletstiwa integrates love, life, and art with a...

Summer 2019: 20th Anniversary Issue

This issue sparkles with the culmination of two decades of Trend’s publishing expertise. We tapped our creative communities to bring you stories that inspire and...

Fall 2018/Winter/Spring 2019 Edition

There’s a new momentum in architecture and design. Zaha Hadid’s stunning geometries turn architecture on its head; Santa Fe’s designers show us...

Summer Lookbook 2018 Edition

Photo essays illuminate everything from distinctive landscapes, star-filled skies, and our effect on nature to innovative techniques in contemporary jewelry, sensual furniture...

Fall 2017 Winter 2018

Violante & Rochford Bring Big Design to a Small Space, The Cadillac of Homes Goes Upscale, Louis Grachos Spearheads Austin's Artistic Awakening.

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Digital Trend 2020

Transcending the Moment

Tipping Point

Rebuilding From Within

Coming Home