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Bart Prince

Like many middle-class Albuquerque neighborhoods, Las Alturas exhibits a quietly gentrified uniformity, with kelly-green lawns and blooming gardens fronting the overwhelmingly Pueblo, Territorial, or brick-and-stucco Ranch style homes. Read more

It Really Is Main Street - Nob Hill

Historic shopping districts throughout New Mexico and the nation felt the pinch of retail megacenters long before they started seeing diminishing returns from the faltering economy. Read more

Reconciling Opposites

It could have been a schizophrenic disaster. When architect Efthimios Maniatis, 55, set out to build a house for Roger and Mary Downey in Corrales, north of Albuquerque, the main challenge was one of integration. Read more

What Next, Albuquerque?

Sixty-six years since newspaperman Ernie Pyle praised Albuquerque for framing the horizon in a glance, people who do not understand Albuquerque— along with some who do—are still posing questions about the city’s identity, personality, and ecology. Read more